Posted by: sistermom1 | October 23, 2009

Ten Things My Father Taught Me

I stumbled across a document that I pulled together in 1991 to sum up several things my father used to say to us.  I was reminded about one specific point the other night at a SGI meeting, which I will write about in a later blog entry.

Here is the document, which we wrote with my father in 1991.  Check it out – I hope it is as encouraging to you as it continues to be for me….


1. Winners are not born, they are made.

2. The dominant force in your existence is the way you think.

3. You can create your own reality.

4. There is some benefit to be had from every adversity.

5. Each one of your beliefs is a choice.

6. You are never defeated until you accept defeat as a reality and stop trying.

7. The only real limitations on what you can accomplish are those that you impose upon yourself.

8. You already possess the ability to excel in at least one key area of your life.

9. There can be no great success without great committment.

10. You need the support and cooperation of other people to achieve any worthwhile goal.


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