Posted by: sistermom1 | October 7, 2009

My first Tysabri infusion

I have taken several different MS medications since 2005.  As I look back, the first one I took (a weekly intra-muscular self-injection) seemed to keep my disease at bay for two years before my white blod cell count dropped dangerously low and my neurologist advised me to stop taking it. I then began a MS med that required a daily shot. Although it was a sub-cutaneous shot (like insulin for diabetes) having this daily reminder of my health condition proved to be extremely depressing. (Depression being a real symptom which many people with MS experience – one that I had not had before.) Another neurologist summed it up for me like this “Of course you’re depressed! Who wants to give themselves a shot every day of something that you hope is working but cannot tell rght away?”

I have not taken any MS meds for the past 6 months.  My disease seems to have progressed, as I have not been able to walk unassisted and it takes me until noon before I am mobile enough to make any meetings or appointments, or even answer my emails.  I have previously written about the MS Recovery Det, which I have been following for the past six months.  (No saturated fats, gluten-free, lots of veggies, low sugar and no dairy).  Sounds terrible, right?  Actually it has not been as difficult as I thought it would be, and I have started to have more feeling in my toes, which is very encouraging.  As I start to add the more healing foods and supplements that the diet requires, I look forward to this approach helping me move towards wellness.  Along with this eating plan, I started Tysabri today.

Tysabri is a medicine that must be given through an IV on a monthly basis.  On one hand it is much better than a weekly or daily self-injection, if you don’t mind the possible negative side effects of a major brain infection….to be fair, out of over 50,000 people taking this med, 13 have contracted the infection.  One has died, but the others are being treated with various rates of success.  I know that this is not a huge number of people, but If you are one of the 13 it wouldn’t matter.  I know three people who have taken Tysabri for over two years.  They have experienced no brain infections, and all three have had major improvement of their MS.   I have been praying about this for some time, and am ready to move forward taking my chances with this latest medical option.

As things progress, I will keep you posted.  All prayers and good wishes are eagerly accepted!!!!



  1. Linda,
    I am so glad to see that Diva has been born and is growing nicely. Deep, deep and beautiful…like its author. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. Of course, I am praying now and from now on. Hugs.

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