Posted by: sistermom1 | September 6, 2009

Simple Abundance on my detour

Simple Abundance is a book by Sarah Ban Breathnach that was published in 1995.  I first heard about it when it was featured on an episode of Oprah (of course —  see my earlier blog entry!)  I read it at that time, and got a great deal out of it, but then put it away for a few years.  I recently re-discovered it, and have been re-inspired and reminded about the importance of this journey that I have been taking.  So much of this was a real discovery for me – much of it mirrors my own spiritual journey and many buddhist principles that I deeply believe in and try to use in my own life.

One entry that has had a major impact on me:

“…realize that Spirit has no hands, head or heart like yours.  No other woman on earth can do what you alone are called to do, can give to the world what you alone were sent to give through your authentic gifts.  The call may be so faint you can barely make out the message, but if you listen, you will hear it.”

According to Ban Breathnach, there are 6 principles of simple abundance: gratitude, simplicity, order, harmony, beauty and joy.  Understanding, discovering, and developing these principles within your own life is much of what this life journey is about.  I am re-discovering these myself, and listening closely for my call — praying to be able to hear it over the sometimes deafening noise of this detour. 

Perhaps that’s how I will know that I am winning – when I can hear my calling and take real steps towards embracing it.  I mentioned my therapist in another entry.  She suggested that my writing this blog may even be my first steps towards hearing (and answering!) my calling.  Well, here’s to the detour – and hearing my calling!


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