Posted by: sistermom1 | August 28, 2009

Getting the phone call…

No, not THAT phone call (smile!)… Yesterday I got a call from my neurologist.  He was reading my MRI and saw that I have a new “active’ lesion on my brain. This is one that was not visible 6 months ago, which may mean that my MS is progressing in a new way.
This is not good news – I have been off all medications for the past 6 months. I have been on a food program for the past 4 months that allows no red meat, gluten, sugar or dairy.  With this diet, I have learned that I can do without sugar, yogurt’/cow’s milk, carne asada, margaritas and even white wine,without too much of a problem. Since starting the diet,  I can wiggle my toes — something I have not been able to do for almost 2 years — and I am looking forward to additional improvements.

It is amazing what you appreciate when you are forced to pay attention to the little things that happen every day.  Wiggling my toes, straightening my legs, and placing my feet flat on the floor are all things that I have been able to do without thinking for many years.  Unfortunately, the progression of my MS changed all of that until very recently.  I felt like things were getting better, but am not sure what to do now.  That phone call changed everything for me and my family — again.

New meds and a new monthly schedule is on the horizon.  Yet another detour on the pathway to my human revolution and development.  Hope to see you at the rest stops along the way…


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