Posted by: sistermom1 | August 21, 2009

Messages in the morning breezes

“There are messages for you in the morning breezes – do not go back to sleep.”

This is an ancient quote from a buddhist monk that my mother shared with me as we planned her 80th birthday celebration.  During the planning, for the first time in my life, there were several nights that I was not able to sleep.  I was waking up earlier than usual, rested but fretful, my mind racing.  What am I forgetting?  Did I remember the vegetarian meals?  What about Mom’s  list – did I get everyone’s email address?   Who really needs a hard copy of the invitation?  What are we going to wear?  When can someone take me to the store?

Mom reminded me when I wake up to take a deep breath and spend the first few minutes thinking about the things in my life that I am thankful for.  Just be quiet for a few moments before going through the list of things that I need to do that day.  Doing that has left me open to receive the messages that the morning breezes are sending me. 

Taking that time brought me so many great ideas – not only for the party, but for my family’s needs.  One morning, the idea for a very creative surprise for my mother’s birthday came to me.  On the day of the party, she was absolutely floored by it.  I also got several fresh ideas about managing our children’s educational experience, which I shared with my husband and we put into action.  I also got some new ideas about our family life, and about my own needs, which I had pushed way into the background since my MS diagnosis in 2005.

Now I do spend time every morning — before helping my husband get the kids up, doing my morning stretches/exercise  and my morning prayers — actively waiting for the messages in the morning breezes.  I pray to be in rhythm with the universe so that I can be on the right wavelength to receive them.  It is working so far…  More lessons from the detour……



  1. Boy, are we on the same page on so many levels…morning breezes! Though a Christian, I take many facets or pearls from other religions, as I believe that we are all one. This year we spent the 3rd week of August vacationing in Cape Cod. My husband retired from one job and took on a new one last year, so he couldn’t take off and travel with us. Dilema, I who normally travels long distances in the passenger seat, now had to face the responsibility of driving..the whole way with children…or not go. Never! I so enjoy and look forward to the fresh morning air, the crisp clean morning air and ocean spray, the clear blue water and sky and watching the sun rise. I am drawn to the beach twice daily…sunrise and sunset. After that, I am good. The children enjoyed the pool at the time share, the putt putt golf and tennis. They were safe and I had a good book and my new Nikon camera! All is good with the world, except…this year I took my mother, so that I had an adult to travel with. OMG! So why did I return more stressed out than when I left??? As you know my father is going through early stages of Alzheimer’s and for a PhD who has a very definant type A, chauvinistic personality and my mother June Clever or at time Edith Bunker…I have a hard time understanding why she can’t raise up on her hind legs as my husband describes it and take the lead in the marriage, now that he obviously can’t. Instead, she still defers to him and it frustrates me so. I hate to see her struggle and take the abuse (mental) that she takes and is probably used to. She is a smart woman, (Master’s plus 60) obviously could have attained her own PhD, but again deferred to him, so that he would feel the lion on the hill. Obviosly, girlfriend is not one of us (smiles) or shall I say me! Nevertheless, I felt a need to pull her from her own ordeal to give her a minute away from him, a break. But now she is so paranoid, even my mornings on the beach watching the sunrise…listening to the morning breezes got derailed. “You know they are snatching young women nowadays.” O.K. me a yound woman? I am 50+. I am 200+ lbs. Do you really think that I am going to be snatched off of a beachin Cape Cod at sunrise?????? I was only trying to get some inner peace. Some time alone when I wasn’t doing for others and being pulled in a number of directions. So now I had to take either one of the children or her to the beach with me for my morning “convening with the sun”. I actually enjoyed my time with her, but when I took my son….are we done? O.K. the sun is up now, can we go…he wouldn’t shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the other hand my daughter and I walked along the beach with me, because Mom tried but it was too much for her knees and she’s a like unsteady and doesn’t trust herself since having fallen. Fear is such a stifling and powerful force. I loathe it and how it controls me and what I see that it does to others. Confidence on the other hand is what I desire to instill in my children. The best morning, was when I tried to get my daughter up to join me and she crawled into my spot in the bed beside my mother, so that my mother thought that it was me and didn’t worry while I was gone. I went shopping after my morning walk and came back from the bakery with warm bread and coffee! It doesn’t get any better than that. Just an ending note; last year I bought a Cracker Barrel cane-back rocking chair for my front porch. My husband has taken over planting the flowers and we have a colorful array of impatients and petunias around the porch and the trees. I am now enjoying my morning cup of jo, listening to the morning breezes before i start my day. And no, you are not the only one that needs to slow down, enjoy the hourney and relax your mind, before hurling yourself into the day, busy with other’s expectations and demands, many which we place or allow to be placed on ourselves. Enjoy the morning breezes, I’ll be listening too. Love, Vesta P.S. I certainly hope to see you soon.

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